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Laughing shall I die, lives and deaths of the great vikings, Tom Shippey

Laughing shall I die, lives and deaths of the great vikings, Tom Shippey
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 313-351) and index
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non fiction
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Laughing shall I die
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Tom Shippey
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lives and deaths of the great vikings
Laughing Shall I Die explores the Viking fascination with scenes of heroic death. Weighing the evidence of sagas and poems against the accounts of the Vikings’ victims, Tom Shippey plumbs the complexities of Viking psychology. Along the way, he recounts many of the great bravura scenes of Old Norse literature, including the Fall of the House of the Skjoldungs, the clash between the two great longships Ironbeard and Long Serpent, and the death of Thormod the skald. Laughing Shall I Die presents Vikings for what they were: not peaceful explorers and traders, but warriors, marauders, and storytellers
Table Of Contents
Preface -- Introduction -- Part one: Dying hard (1. The Viking mindset: three case studies ; 2. Hygelac and Hrolf: false dawn for the Vikings ; 3. Volsungs and Nibelungs: avenging female Furies ; 4. Ragnar and the Ragnarssons: snakebite and success ; 5. Egil the Ugly and King Blood-axe: poetry and the psychopath)Part two: Moving to the bigger picture (6. Weaving the web of war: the road to Clontarf ; 7. Two big winners: the road to Normandy ; 8. Furs and slaves, wealtha nd death: the road to Miklagard)Part three: The tale in the North (9. Thje Jarls and the Jomvikings: a study in Drengshapr ; A tale of two Olafs; or the tales people tell ; 11. A tale of two Haralds: Viking endgame ; 12. Viking aftermath: the nine grins of Skarphedin Njalsson)Appendix A: On poetry: types, texts, translations -- Appendix B: On sagas: types, texts, translations -- Appendix C: Snorri Sturluson

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