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Binge box, home alone collection, Twentieth Century Fox

Binge box, home alone collection, Twentieth Century Fox
Intended audience
MPAA rating: PG ; Home Alone 4 is not rated
Main title
Binge box
videorecording DVD
Responsibility statement
Twentieth Century Fox
Series statement
Binge boxHome alone
Sub title
home alone collection
Home alone: A wily kid must protect his house from burglars when his family accidentally leaves him behind on Christmas vacation. Home alone 2, lost in New York: When Kevin gets separated from his family at O'Hare airport, he finds himself on a plane to New York City instead of Miami with the rest of his family. The thieves that tried to break into his house last Christmas are planning a Christmas caper in the Big Apple, and Kevin sets out to stop them. Home alone 3: When a gang of crooks hide a stolen computer chip in a toy car, a mix-up sends the car home with techno wiz-kid Alex, who now must defend his house from the crooks who want the car back. Home alone, taking back the house: When Kevin spends Christmas with his dad and his new girlfriend, he must protect his possible stepmom's mansion against a pair of thieves
Table Of Contents
Disc 1., Home alone, disc 2., Home alone 2, lost in New York, disc 3., Home alone 3, disc 4., Home alone, taking back the house
Target audience
Home alone collection